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About Erotic Hypnotists

Welcome! EroticHypnotists.com is the brain child of hypnotist Tessa Fields and fellow hypno-fetishist Monkey.

Our hope is that this site will become a staple of your daily internet browsing, featuring podcasts guests from all sides of erotic hypnosis, hypnotic stories, experiences, and resources.

This website is for the hypno-fetishist. We welcome all hypnotists and lovers of hypnotic erotica, recreational or otherwise.

We welcome you to make this site into what you want it to be, so that means we want to hear from you!

Feel free to contribute stories, experiences, and share your knowledge!

Tell us who you want to be interviewed in our next podcast!

Let us know what you’d like us to ask our guests! 

Visit us frequently as content will be added constantly!

About Tessa Fields
Tessa Fields has been creating Femdom Erotic Hypnosis since 2008 at Hypnotessa.com. She is a co-founder of EroticHypnotists.com and an administrator at Inraptured.net

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