The Binding Spell

“You’re frozen!” I tell you as I seductively wave my hands in front of your eyes. You stop abruptly in your tracks. You try to turn and leave my presence but you are stuck; none of your muscles will obey your mental commands. It is as though you are rooted to the spot.

“I can’t move,” you say nervously.

“You’re trying to leave a bit early, aren’t you slave?” I ask in my sultry, enticing voice. “You’ve obviously forgotten how much control over you my little triggers give me. Let me refresh your memory,” I giggle. “Weak knees, slave boy.”

Your legs wobble and weaken and try as you might, you can’t stop from sinking to your knees in front of me. Once your knees hit the floor, your legs seem to solidify again and become rigid in position. You can’t get up.

“What are you doing…,” you start to ask.

I simply say: “Zip your lips.”

Your lips close tightly and you can’t open them. You feel your mouth fill up with something hard and round, like a ball, which holds your tongue down so that the only sounds you can make are weak whimpers. Your eyes go wide and I can tell you can’t believe what is happening to you!

“I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve done to you. I know you’re trying to figure out why you can’t talk or get up.” I move in close, so close that you can feel my sweet breath tickling your right ear as I speak. “I know you’re confused and you have a few questions. You always are and you always do. That’s okay. I’m having fun with you. I always have and I always will.” I laugh at a sudden inside joke. “In fact,” I continue, “‘will’ has everything to do with it. Yours is weak and mine is too powerful to be overcome. I’ve hypnotized you, slave boy, and left you with several suggestive triggers. I call you, speak one of the triggers and you show up here. I take you under, implant more triggers and then I test them – like I am right now. I’ll make you forget this session and we can have more fun next week!”

You kneel helplessly on the floor, mewling into the gag I have implanted in your mind. You’re unable to stop listening to me and unable to make your body do anything but obey my commands. You shudder in what I know is a wave of fear. I lick my lips.

“Now, slave boy,” I say, “Pants down!”

Your hands move of their own volition, quickly strip you down to your boxer briefs.

“Cock out!” I command.

You pull down your briefs and your astonishingly hard cock pops out and you gasp in self-conscious pleasure.

“Well, at least I didn’t have to give you the hard on command! Now, look at what I have here.” From my pocket, I produce a shiny red ribbon – a satin ribbon. You can’t help but stare. The shiny satin does something to you. Something clicks in your mind and you start bucking your hips back and forth and your cock gets even harder.

“Good!” I say. “The satin trigger I implanted is working even better than I thought! Every time I hold a piece of satin, or wear satin clothing, you get weaker and harder.”

Even as I speak you can feel your will getting weaker and your arousal ramping up another notch. Drool is starting to escape the corners of your mouth, past your tightly closed lips. You can’t stop moving your hips and the motion makes your cock bob obscenely. I just smile at the sight of you.

“And now for my next magic trick: Ribbon ‘round the ball sack, wrapping ‘round the cock,” I say in a singsong voice that causes you to shudder and drool more.

The immediate effect my words have on you, though, is to cause you to feel something tightening around your balls. You look down and what you see astounds you: you see the ribbon leap from my hand and ever so slowly begin tying up your balls. It splits your ball sack and wraps once around each testicle. Then the ribbon wraps tightly around the scrotum, between your nuts and your cock, making your balls tighten even more in their individual pouches. You groan in pain and arousal.

Next the ribbon slowly, torturously slowly, begins wrapping around your hard cock. Each wrap is tight and makes your cock harder and harder, causing the ribbon to have to wrap tighter to encompass it. The pain you feel immediately transforms into intense pleasure. The tighter the ribbon wraps the more aroused you become and the more pleasure you feel.

“I’m not even touching you and I am controlling everything you feel!” I laugh in exultation. And that makes your cock get even harder. Once the ribbon gets to the head of your cock it ties itself in to an intricate and beautiful bow.

“That belongs to me,” I say. “Your cock is under the control of the hypnotic ribbon and the hypnotic ribbon is under my control. You can feel it loosening and tightening, yes? Stroking your cock and crushing it and stroking it, yes?”

You can feel the ribbon pulsing and contracting on your cock and your hips buck even harder now because of the pleasurable pain you are feeling. The ribbon seems to be squeezing a massive load of cum from your balls into your cock. You can feel the load travel up into your cock but when the ribbon crushes down on your cock, it seems to force the cum back down into the balls. It is the most intense thing you’ve ever felt. More and more cum builds up and increases the pressure in your cock. You feel as if it is going to shatter and explode.

“You can speak again. How does it feel?” I ask.

Your throat is dry and your voice is raspy. “Please Tessa. It hurts so good I can’t stand it! Please let me cum! Please!”

“Hmmm…. Let me think about it. No.”

You shriek in agony and beg again. “P-p-please, Tessa! It’s driving me crazy! Please!”

“Zip your lips!’ I reply. You fall silent again. “You’ll feel the ribbon working your cock and balls on the ride back home. You’ll have to keep try the metro passengers from seeing what it’s doing to you,” I chuckle. “But you’ll know who owns your cock and cum. Call me when you get home. Maybe I’ll be more in the mood to let you spill your load. Pants up!” I command. You immediately pull up your underwear, forcing your rock hard cock back in and then pull up your pants.

“When I snap my fingers, you’ll forget the session but you’ll still feel the ribbon and you’ll remember to call me. You may go now,” I snap my fingers.

You stand and absent-mindedly walk out the door, not realizing that you’ve been in my presence. On the way to the train, you feel your cock pulsing and getting harder by the second and you try to inconspicuously adjust yourself.

I watch you from my window, laughing and enjoying the hypnotic control I have over you. Next week was going to be so much fun!

(Repurposed for Tessa Fields)

By Seedee Beetoo

Archive Droid of The Old Republic

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