Tessa Chapter 1

A man is liberated into slavery by Tessa.

A man is liberated into slavery by Tessa.

This is the first story I’ve ever written so please forgive the rough edges. This is dedicated to Tessa Fields who brought me into this wonderful world of femdom hypnosis and trapped me while freeing me at the same time. I hope you enjoy.


Life is defined by moments.  A span of five seconds can completely change your entire life, or your entire outlook.   My life is very different now after one of those moments.  It didn’t take much to change everything; believe it or not, my life was turned upside-down in the length of time it takes to take a bite from a peach.


The trouble began when I was invited over my friend Matt’s house to celebrate his sister Aubrey’s college graduation.  She finished early, so this actually happened in December.  There were maybe fifty people crammed into his condo.  I walked in through the kitchen door and saw that everyone was organized into smaller groups which were spread out across the condo.  There were also people in the basement since I could smell the familiar scent of marijuana coming from behind the basement door.  No surprise there; I don’t think I’ve ever been to a college party where a joint wasn’t being passed around.  Alcohol seemed to be the drug of choice for most, however.  The condo had an open concept, so I could see that in the living room there was already a lively game of Beer Pong happening.  Since I didn’t want to get too drunk (just yet) and didn’t want to get high (just yet), I wandered upstairs to check things out there, grabbing a red solo cup full of tequila punch on the way.  The punch tasted great and had chunks of fruit in it.  Peaches mostly, but I also saw orange and lime slices.  It also hit my liver like a freight train, but if you’re not going to drink to get a buzz, what’s the point?


The upstairs was divided into two bedrooms, a small one that was already packed and the large master bedroom, which also had a loft. I went into the master bedroom, which was empty but I could hear voices up in the loft.  I walked up the steps to the loft and saw Matt sitting up there with two girls that I had never met before. One was blonde and very forgettable.  Her hair was cut short and she was wearing a frumpy sweatshirt and jeans.  She looked like she was riding the tequila train with me, but got on a few stops before me.


The other girl had long, dark hair and dark eyes that made me feel like she could see right into my mind.  Which, as I found out later, was not so far from the truth.  She was wearing a tight, navy blue sweater and black pants, both of which hugged her curvy frame extremely well.  Not exactly supermodel attire, but even in this semi-conservative getup, it would be impossible for anyone to not notice her extremely large breasts in addition to her perfect body.  I could see a necklace with some sort of crystal dangling from it, with the crystal sitting between her breasts.  No cleavage, but the view was still spectacular.


Matt saw me and tipped his red solo cup towards me.   “Hey Jonathan, good to see you slumming with us po’ folks!”  he said, his eyes already bloodshot.  He never misses an opportunity to remind me of my trust fund.  It’s all in good fun, but I think he’s jealous of the 10 million dollars I inherited when my parents died.  I pulled my eyes away from the girl with the dark hair with an effort and tipped my own red solo cup towards Matt.   “What’s up Matt?  Who are your two friends here?” I said as I sat down across from them. He pointed towards the blonde and said “This is Julia, she’s Aubrey’s roommate.” “Hi” she said, without even looking at me.  She seemed dazed.  This is why I skipped Beer Pong, I thought.  How can you have fun at a party if you pass out in an hour?


Matt introduced me to the girl with the dark hair. “This is Tessa.  She just finished her degree in Psychology, just like Aubrey.  Except Aubrey didn’t get a 4.0.”   “Hello Jonathan” Tessa said, staring into my eyes.  Her voice was low and sultry.  Looking into her eyes gave me the strangest sensation.  It’s hard to describe, but if you’ve ever accidently touched a live wire, you would know the feeling.  I felt almost galvanized and unable to move and slightly weak, like I had just finished lifting weights at the gym.  At the time, I didn’t think much of it.  I thought it was simply a combination of the tequila punch, which was more tequila than punch, and the simple fact that Tessa was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on.   That kind of beauty can make you weak in the knees.  And other things.  But I’ll get to that soon enough.


“Hi Tessa.  I thought I had met all of Matt’s friends” I said. “Well, I’m really Aubrey’s friend.  I just moved here from California only a few months ago” she said.  Matt feigned a look of hurt and dramatically clutched his chest. “How are you enjoying Massachusetts?”  I said.  “It’s fun, but the weather is going to take some getting used to.  I can’t wear my high heels every day like in California and the winter dryness means I have to get a pedicure every single week.  No way are these pretty feet going to hell just because I had to move across country. ” she said. My cock jumped a bit at these words.  I have a definite appreciation for the female foot.  I wouldn’t call it a fetish because it’s not like I can only get off to feet.  But, some guys are leg men or ass men, and with me one of the first things I check out on a girl are her toes.  I looked down at Tessa’s feet, expecting to see these pretty toes she mentioned and instead saw that they were clad in black boots.  Very disappointing. I saw her looking at me when I brought my eyes back up.   It felt like she almost knew that what she said would turn me on and that I would want to see for myself, only to be denied.  But, that would take a mind reader, wouldn’t it?  No one knows about it.  Not even my wife, since she told me early in our relationship that she wasn’t into that and it creeped her out, so we never talk about it.  It’s frustrating, but she’s the mother of my child.


“That sounds expensive.  Especially for a college student.  What are they, like twenty bucks a pop?” I said. Tessa grinned, looked me in the eyes and said “I have my ways.  And my pedis cost fifty because I go to the best nail salon around here.  Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s really just about not settling for anything less than what I deserve. ”


I felt that was a little arrogant, but since I had just met her, I didn’t want to say anything.  Matt suddenly said “Jonathan has like ten million bucks in the bank, you should make him buy your pedicures, he can afford it”.  This upset me because I don’t like people to know about my money if I can help it.  They treat you differently.  But that’s Matt.  “Oh, I’d never ask you for money, Jonathan, don’t worry” Tessa said, but she had a small grin on her face that I couldn’t quite read.  But it didn’t matter.  She could have the prettiest feet in the world and I could have a billion dollars, but I don’t just hand out my money.  Especially to women who aren’t my wife.


“Don’t worry, Tessa, I’d never give it to you” I laughed.  I saw that Julia was swaying on her feet and I caught her just before she fell down.  “Someone better get her some fresh air or something” I said.  Matt told us he would take care of her.  “I need a refill anyway, how about you guys?” I told him I was still nursing my first one.  Tessa also said no.  Matt put his arm around Julia and led her down the loft stairs.  Julia slipped at the bottom and almost went sprawling but Matt caught her deftly and ushered her out of the bedroom door.


“Damn she’s that drunk already?” I asked.  “Something like that” Tessa said.  Every time she spoke, I couldn’t stop looking at her and feel that slightly galvanic sensation.  “I just hypnotized her and I think I put her deeper than expected.  She’s very suggestible.  Plus, I casted a new spell that was supposed to increase the effect of my hypnosis and I think it worked a little too well”  I was trying to be polite, but my skeptical nature almost defines me and I just couldn’t listen to that.  “No offense, Tessa, but hypnosis and magic are a bunch of bullshit”.  I expected her to get upset but she didn’t have much of  reaction.  “Really? You sound pretty sure of yourself.  Have you ever been hypnotized?” she asked.  “No.  Kinda like how I’ve never been to a palm reader or psychic.  It’s the 21st century.”


I know that sounded cocky and  I could see that she didn’t like my tone of voice or being mocked.  Her cheeks turned a little red and her eyes became even darker.   Then, she seemed to consider something and smiled at me.  “Ok, Mr Skeptic.  You’re probably all about evidence and experiments, right?  Well, let’s conduct a little experiment on hypnosis and magic, what do you say?” Tessa asked me.


“Sounds fair, I’m open to anything if there’s evidence for it.” I said.  I didn’t think it would work, but you never know.  I did feel that it would be fun either way.  She was an extremely hot girl and spending some alone time with her didn’t seem like the worst thing in the world.  “What do I do?” I asked.  “All you have to do is sit absolutely still and not speak while I’m casting the spell and then listen to my words.  If you’re right, then nothing should happen, right?” she said.  “Can you do both of those things, Jonathan?”


“That sounds easy enough. But what if you’re right,  just don’t turn me into a pig or anything.” I joked.  But to be honest, I felt a touch nervous.  My disbelief in hypnosis wasn’t absolute and Tessa seemed very sure of herself.


She got up and straightened her sweater, pulling it tight over her breasts.  She went over to the bed and grabbed what I assumed was her purse and began to pull things out of it.  I saw a small white stone, a dried leaf, a red rose and a yellow paper packet.  Maybe it was her eye of newt.  Tessa picked up the stone, leaf and rose and walked over to me, the sound of her high heel boots on the wooden floor echoing behind her.  She placed the white stone between my feet and began breaking the leaf apart.  She placed pieces of it in front of me and behind me on the floor, as well as to the left and right of my chair.  I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes.  I had promised to stay absolutely still.  I didn’t want to give her any out when her little experiment failed.


After placing the items around me, she stood in front of me, about ten feet away.  The rose was in her hand.  I couldn’t see how she wasn’t cutting her fingers, but she wasn’t.  She raised her arms high in the air and began to sway her hips.  I could see her lips moving, but I couldn’t hear her saying anything. The bright red color of the rose was in stark contrast to her dark hair and dark outfit.  It caught my attention and I began to follow it with my eyes as she danced.   The petals moved back and forth in time with her hips as I stared at her.  She might have been gullible about magic, but she was still a hot girl giving me a nice show.  I couldn’t look away.  But was it her sexy body that had me transfixed, or was the “spell” doing it? Maybe this confusion is what she was counting on.  I kept telling myself magic wasn’t real and that nothing that happened could be attributed to anything supernatural.


But, then again, she wasn’t done.


Tessa began to move her hips faster, the rose moving with her, continuing to capture my gaze.  I started feeling dizzy from all the movement, and closed my eyes.  I could hear Tessa chanting something, but it was in a language I had never even heard before.  When I opened my eyes, she had stopped dancing and the rose was nowhere to be seen.  I saw a peach in her hand in it’s place.  That was a nifty trick, but my eyes were closed, right?


“Ok.  The first part of the spell is done.  Are you ready for the second part, Jonathan?” she said.  “Yes, but I don’t think anything’s working.  I don’t feel any differently than before.  Are you sure it’s working?” I asked.  “Oh I know it is.  Pretty soon, you’ll know it too.  First, there’s one more thing you have to do.”  She grabbed the paper packet off of the bed and opened it.  She reached into it and I noticed her perfectly manicured fingernails for the first time.  Tessa took out some powder and sprinkled it on the peach and walked over to me.  She held the peach out and told me to take a bite.  I looked up at her and I saw a greedy, almost hungry look on her face.  The smell of the peach was sickeningly sweet.  Tessa’s nails had dug into the soft skin of the peach and juice was running down her fingers.  I moved my mouth towards the peach, but Tessa placed the tip of her finger in the center of my forehead and forced me to look up at her.


“Fair warning” she said.  “This is the point of no return for you.  Take this bite and you’re lost.”  I thought this was her last ditch effort to trick me into conceding before finding out her act was all made up, and I wasn’t going to fall for it.    Life is defined by moments.  And the decisions we make in those moments. We can choose to go left or right on the street.  We can choose to have chicken or steak.  Or we can bite the peach or not.  I chose to bite the peach.  The pungent sweetness of the peach almost made me gag.  “Swallow it” Tessa demanded.  I did and I felt a huge warmth slowly spread through my body.  It started in my stomach and traveled down my legs and up into my chest too.  I could feel the warmth spread from my chest, up my neck, and into my head.   I looked down at the peach I had willingly bitten and saw that the center of it was black.    Tessa placed her finger under my chin and lifted my head up so I had to gaze into her eyes once again.  She lowered her face towards mine, her eyes never leaving mine, and she said “Now sleep.” and snapped her fingers.  My eyes immediately closed.  She let go of my chin and it hit my chest.  “Sleep for Tessa, now.”


I could still feel the warmth from the peach coursing through my veins, but there was a pulsating sensation centered on my brain that was making it very difficult to focus on anything but the sound of Tessa’s voice.  She kept talking to me in a low monotone.  I can’t remember anything she said.


The next thing I know, I’m walking out to the parking lot of the condo, with Tessa behind me.  “What just happened?” I asked nervously.  “Don’t you remember?  I hypnotized you.  You really are a wonderful subject, Jonathan.  I believe you’re going to take to my post-hypnotic suggestions very well” she said.  I stopped walking and said “I don’t think this is cool anymore.  I feel weird and just want to go home.  My wife is expecting me, anyway.  This was interesting, and maybe something happened, but I’m done.” I said.  “It’s too late for all that, Jonathan.  Keep walking, my car is the silver one.” I was confused and it seemed easier to keep walking; maybe clear my head of whatever this was.


We got to her car and she opened the passenger door.  “Now, get in.” Tessa said.  I didn’t want to.  The biggest thought I had was if I didn’t get home soon, my wife would think I was up to no good, so this was a bad idea.  I dug in my heels and stopped where I was, but that pulsating sensation in my brain returned.  “Get in.” Tessa repeated.   I got into her car and that unpleasant feeling stopped.  Tessa got into the driver’s seat and turned to me.


“I guess it’s only fair that I tell you exactly what’s going to happen now.  I was worried that the spell and the hypnosis didn’t work, but I already have all the access to your subconscious I need….for now .  One problem is that I didn’t have everything I needed.  The stone and leaf are good, but not the best.  And I couldn’t keep you in trance too long because I didn’t want anyone like Matt coming up and disturbing us.  But, this will work for now.  I don’t know my long term plans for you yet.”  Long term plans, I thought.  That did not sound good.  I tried to lift my hand, but I couldn’t budge it.  It really did seem like she had some sort of control spell over me.  All of my arrogant comments looked like they were about to come back and bite me.  I had pissed her off and now I was at her mercy.  She only needed my cooperation for a few minutes before I walked right into her trap.


“I do know that the plan for tonight is to take you back to my house and cast another spell on you.  The first spell only took off the veneer of your mental defenses, which is why you can still resist as much as you have been.  My next spell will completely destroy those defenses  and leave your subconscious completely unprotected from hypnotic suggestion.  You will then do anything I suggest to your subconscious while under trance.  Everything I say will just sound like a good idea and I’m putting you under for hours.”


“Please, don’t.” I pleaded.


“Jonathan, it’s already done.  Right now, I could push you in front of a train and you couldn’t stop me.  By this time tomorrow, if I told you to jump in front of a train, you would do it with a smile on your face.  Don’t beg me for mercy.  The things that are happening now are all the result of your choices.  You made the choice to listen, you made the choice to bite the peach, and you’re the one who opened your subconscious to me willingly.  And now it’s mine to play with, along with your millions of dollars.  Like I said you really are the perfect subject.  Now sleep for Tessa”


My eyes closed and I was lost.


Chapter 1 End


to be continued in Chapter 2: Jonathan’s Millions

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  1. This is quite a story! I was enthralled.

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