Red Velvet

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Once upon a time there was a dear little girl named Tessa who was loved by everyone who looked at her. As she grew older, her grandmother taught her about the powers that lie in the words – spoken words – whispered words and especially the power of unspoken words. She taught her about the power of her eyes – silvery eyes that captured the attention of everyone long enough to use the power of the words. Tessa grew up to be a wonderful young lady and everyone called her Red Velvet, because her voice was like velvet and red cloth suited her so well that she would never wear anything else. However, at the time when Tessa Red Velvet gained mastery in the use of her silvery eyes and her velvet words, other darker powers arose from the woods and gained strength.

William sprinted through the forest. Since his adolescence the ladies looked at him with great pleasure – “Handsome Will” he was called.  Everyone was shocked when they found him in the woods one week ago – barely alive. William remembered the night of horror, when he was turned from hunter to hunted. But the fear was gone – he was the hunter again and he loved the night, he loved the moonlight. His recovery was too fast – people started to talk behind his back. His shoulders had developed and his body built firm and well shaped muscles in the right spots. His senses were sharpened in a way that he could smell the ladies’ musky arousal in his presence and he could smell the man’s fear. His hair grew stronger – especially in the moonlight, but Will considered this as a sign of his increasing virility.

He was the hunter and he smelled the next prey: it smelled sweet, feminine and strangely courageous? Will’s cock grew hard and his fangs developed when the desire-to-possess took control of this body. Hunger and arousal joined together to one single feeling – he wanted to consume his prey in all envisage-able fashions. The smell of fear on the prey – that tasty smell of fear – was still missing. But the game has started and undoing courage and ripping of hope was delicious foreplay. His fangs opened to an unnatural grin – they all showed fear in the end – the horrified looks and racing hearts and the dying shrieks! He loved the feeling when insanity and horror hit the prey at the moment of the final consummation.

Handsome Will could see already the red figure in front of him and his mouth watered at the sight of her full swinging hips. He stopped at short distance ready to jump and let out a gnarled growl. Tessa, Red Velvet, heard the wolf behind her and stopped. In one single flowing movement Tessa turned around and made one step towards the beast. “Good evening, Dear Handsome Will.” she said and extended her hand. Her friendly greeting was so unexpected – William tried to lift his hand and was confused because there was just his paw. The seconds of his discomposure were enough for Tessa. She covered the distance between them with two fast steps and closed her hands gently around the wolf’s snout and looked him into his eyes.

Will saw her silvery eyes – silver like the color of the moon. The silver moonlight was his power – her eyes – his power? Still wondering about her eyes he heard her words in the back of his head. “You look into my eyes and you realize that you are aroused already. The longer you look into my eyes, the higher your arousal. And the more you are aroused the more you want to look up into my silvery eyes. The moon reminds you of my eyes and reminds you that you want to look up into my eyes. You start to think about how you can surprise me with your arousal and your strength. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to hide in my grandmothers house? That would be a surprise! – Should you hide on the roof or should you hide in my grandmothers bed? What a great surprise would that be to hide in her bed and even put on her cute pink nightgown. You begin to think already that it might be a great idea to surprise me in granny’s bed in her nightgown!”

Will’s thoughts could not catch up with Tessa’s suggestions. The hunter wanted her, the beast wanted her – was she suggesting a game? The bed seemed to be such a good idea … – but Tessa continued “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to rest in granny’s bed and gain full strength to surprise me? But you have to be fast! Do you want to take the path along the river or will you go through the deep forest to prepare the surprise? And while you find the answers to this important question I will count from 1 to 3 and you will have forgotten what happened here and you will run to prepare the surprise. And when everything is ready you’ll go back into a trance and wait for me.

ONE, TWO and THREE – run Handsome Will – run my strong pet!”

Tessa smiled when the wolf left. She loved that game especially when it was a little bit more dangerous than usual. The tingling sensation in between her legs developed to wetness when she imagined the Handsome Will putting on a nightgown under her influence. But she had to be careful – this was not only the man – there was also the beast. If she wanted to stay in charge – she must first put aside her romantic feelings for Will. She stopped to pick some flowers to calm herself down and to think about the next steps.

Tessa reached the house of her grandmother around midnight. Granny was already waiting outside and Tessa felt her concerns when she started to speak: “I am so happy that you are here, Tessa! How dare you toying with such dangerous creatures again! Remember the last beast – we thought it was under control until it attacked poor Handsome Will – and now he suffers from the same disease and there is no cure.” But Tessa answered: ”Oh Granny – I am sorry for all that trouble. Poor Will was hurt because our power was too weak. The other beast was strong and fully transformed and I am glad you solved that problem for once and for all! Handsome Will is not transformed yet – he is still human! We have to give it a try! We still have three weeks until the next full moon. Please help me, we have to try! – Where is he now? – Did he cause any trouble?”

And Grandmother smiled: “ No, my child, no trouble – you prepared him very well. He is sleeping inside my bed now. He was still confused when he arrived here – all naked. The beast inside him is still weak – it had not realized that it was tricked. He was so cute when he begged at my feet that he needs my nightgown to surprise you! He was very convincing with his stiff erection dangling up and down – I really had to laugh!” Tessa smiled at the thought but Granny continued in a more serious tone: “I will try to help you, but you want to face strong powers that might be impossible to control. The beast is already attached to his masculinity and takes over his whole being. The moon is powerful and will strengthen the beast.”

Tessa picked up a small stone from the floor and said. “But the earth is more powerful than the moon . Lets see if I can use the power of the earth to control the beast. Now show me that big puppy in your bed!”

Tessa entered the room and started to talk: “Listen to my words Will. – You prepared such a great surprise – Good Boy! – all dressed up in that pink nightgown – just like granny. We will have so much fun. You will show me the beast and I will be agitated and I will cry and you can consume me – so much fun! Now go deeper for me, relax and listen to my voice.”

Then she went to the bed and pulled back the curtains. The moonlight touched Will’s skin. Immediately he changed and the beast began to show.

Tessa continued: “Oh grandmother, what big ears do you have”
“All the better to hear you”, Will answered.
“That’s right!” – Tessa said – “And you want to hear me. The bigger your ears are the more you crave to listen to my voice and obey my words. Whenever your ears start to grow you will go into a deep trance as soon as you hear my voice!”

Tessa asked: “Oh grandmother – what big eyes do you have”
“All the better I can see you!” came the answer from the Wolf-Will creature.
“That’s right! – Good Boy – You want to see me – you want to look up into my silvery eyes. And the bigger your eyes get the more you crave to look up into my eyes. And the more you look into my silvery eyes the more you forget the color of the moon. Just blackness and my eyes. My eyes start to control you. And every time your eyes get bigger my control gets stronger and the moon looses more and more of its power over you.”

Tessa continued: “Oh Grandmother – What big hands do you have”
“All the better I can grab you!”
“Good pet! – You want to grab me – grab my tits. And the bigger your hands get the more you desire me. The bigger your hands get the more you want to touch me. And you already feel how horny you are in between your legs. And every time your hands start to grow you want to show me your strength. Your muscles will stiffen – Your whole body gets stiff and hard – so hard that you cannot move and your cock will grow. And whenever I say “HARD NOW” your cock will get stiff and rigid and your muscles will tense that you cannot move. Get hard for me now – “HARD NOW”.

And the Will-beast produce a huge erection and all its muscles tensed as Tessa put her hand on it’s snout and slipped the small stone on it’s tongue: “You feel the small stone in your mouth and start to recognize how small it is compared to your mouth. Small and heavy. You feel how the stone grows bigger and bigger in your mouth – heavier and heavier. And while it moves on your tongue and gets bigger You feel how you get weaker and weaker. You want to swallow the growing stone. You cannot resist – you want to swallow it.

Oh grandmother what a big mouth do you have?”
“All better I can swallow you” – “Than swallow right now” – commanded Tessa – swallow and feel the big rock in your stomach. And the bigger your mouth gets and the more you want to swallow me the bigger and heavier the stone gets in your stomach. Big and heavy – that it brings you down – so heavy – pinned to the ground by the big rock in your stomach. And whenever I say “ROCK” – the stone will get bigger and heavier – bigger and heavier until it fills you up and pins you to the ground – “ROCK” feel it now “ROCK”

And the beast began to yowl when the feeling of the heavy rock in its stomach pinned it to the bed. And the beast wanted revenge. But Tessa closed the curtains again and the beast began to vanish. Tessa continued: “I will count from 1 to 5 now and you will return to normal – you will have forgotten everything that has happened. And my suggestions will sink deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind while you sleep. ONE – you feel light and refreshed – TWO relaxed muscles – THREE still horny – FOUR forgotten everything and – FIVE sleep and rest!.”

Tessa went outside to join grandmother. But as she opened the front door a wind moved the curtains. And a small beam of silvery moonlight hit the bed. The beast woke up in anger. Too long it had been deprived from the hunt and the consummation. And now it will consume the 2 women – the wolf teared the nightgown apart and jumped out of the scattering window. The two women shrieked! They turned around to flee as the beast began to hunt them.

Will felt the strength in his body bursting out like an explosion and the joint feelings of arousal and hunger began to feed his strength. But there was something else that he never had realized before – a heavy feeling in his stomach that grew heavier with each step. Each step was more and more difficult and his muscles started to tense as he realized how big and strong his paws were. His belly was swollen and heavy – he had difficulties to move. Then Tessa turned around to him with a triumphant smile in her face and said “ROCK HARD NOW”

Will immediately fell to the side and rolled over on his back – So heavy – no strength in the world could lift him up again and his muscles so tense that he could not move. His cock was pointing stiff and rigid into the sky. There was only desire – a burning sexual desire for Tessa. And again the hunter turned into the hunted.

“Hey my little pet” Tessa said as she walked with slow catlike movements toward him. “Now make good use of that big ears of yours and listen to my voice carefully. – Use your big eyes and look into my eyes. See the silver in my eyes – and you will forget the color of the moon. My eyes command you – no moonlight there – only my eyes. My eyes command the beast to hide again. My silvery eyes command: WILL – SHOW YOURSELF!”

And the wolf began to change. The two women looked with fascination at the handsome man where seconds before the beast had been. Will was lying all naked in the middle of the clearing with a stiff erection pointing into the sky. Tessa realized how aroused she was – the victory and control made her so horny. She loved the confused look in her victims eyes when they still had trouble to sort things out and she was getting ready for the next move already. With a slow seductive motion she lowered her panties. A slight breeze made her aware how wet she was – and her panties were soaked with her juices already. She dangled the panties from the tips of her left toes, and lowered her foot in Will’s face. Will started to moan as she rubbed her wetness under Wills nose and pushed the panties inside his mouth. Than she whispered: “We do not want someone to hear your whimpering – do we? Do you like to be ROCK HARD for me? – ROCK HARD NOW. The heaviness and the tension can only be removed when you cum. But you need my permission to cum. My eyes control you – my silvery eyes control your arousal – you can only cum when I allow it. And if I do not give you permission to cum you will remain here – all tense and heavy – unable to move with a stiff erection pointing into the sky.”

Than Tessa stepped over him and put her gorgeous legs at each side of him. Slowly she lowered her wet pussy on this hard erection and started her pleasure ride. With pulsing rhythmic circles she ground her pussy on his hard cock. Her lovely big tits jumped up and down in the rhythm of her body. Will cried in frustration as he realized that he was too tense to enjoy Tessa’s body. He could not move at all. His hands tried to reach her soft lovely tits – but he could not move even a tenth of an inch. Tessa increased her pace and started to moan softly with every movement. When Tessa collapsed on him in waves of pleasure, Will realized in frustration that he was as far away from orgasm as before. Tessa lifted herself up and his cock came free with a slurping sound. It was still pointing to the sky and glistened in the moonlight. Tessa started to massage the head of his erection and began to whisper: “Did you like the consummation my pet? – ROCK HARD NOW! – Look into my eyes and listen to my suggestions. The more you cum for me the more the moon looses its power over you. Only my eyes control your transformation. The beast will follow my command. The more you cum for me the more the power of the moon fades. My eyes control you more and more as the moon fades. Only I can give you release – when I say “Relax and cum” you can cum and the effects of “ROCK” and ” HARD NOW” will go away.” Than she stepped back out of the line of fire and said: “Now cum for me – shoot out the control of the moon – RELAX AND CUM – CUM FOR ME – give in to my control!”

And Will came like he never had cum before. With every wave of his orgasm he felt the power of the moon being replaced. Finally Handsome Will could move again. He was so overwhelmed with feelings of love and adoration for Tessa as well as shame that he turned to the side and cried. Tessa took his head in her hands and pressed his face against her soft and warm breasts to comfort him. She stroked his head and helped him to calm down. Finally he could speak: ” I do not know what happened to me – I am so scared. That awful beast! – Is it – Is it over now?”

“No” said Tessa “but we made the fist step to control the beast. There is no way to kill it, it is part of you – attached to your masculinity” – Will thought for a moment and asked: “Do you have to kill me if it is impossible to control the beast?” – “Of course not”, Tessa said,  “We are not in the middle ages!” – “What happened to the beast that has attacked me last week?” asked Will.  –  “The beast that has attacked you”, said Tessa, “was captured and banned when Granny neutered the wolf. As I said – the beast is attached to ones masculinity. Without that the man is free – but has to deal with his neutered existence.”

When Tessa saw the horror in Will’s eyes she immediately continued – “Oh hush! – No No No – This will not happen to you my poor pet – we can save you!”  – Will begged : “Please, I will do whatever you want but don’t let Granny do that to me!” – “I will learn to control the beast!”, said Tessa, “but still – you should say “Sorry” to Granny and beg her to punish you properly because you have torn her nightgown!”

Tessa smiled knowingly – she will control the man and the beast – they will be an excellent pet! And than she enjoyed the show as Handsome Will crawled over to Granny to apologize for the ruined nightgown.


4 weeks later Tessa woke up in the early morning. It was still dark outside and the bright moonlight had disturbed her sleep. She heard steps sneaking closer to her room and a deep growling filled the air. Glowing yellow eyes appeared in the door frame and the huge wolf approached her. Just when it was in front of her bed the beast put her slippers down. Tessa said: “WILL – SHOW YOURSELF” and Handsome Will knelt naked in front of her. “Thank you my pet – I want coffee and rolls – and for that you better use your hands!”

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