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DESCENT Hypnosis Radio is a unique Online Radio experiences that blends audio hypnosis sessions and great rock and pop music.  Our focus is on Recreational Hypnosis, which does include the hypnotically erotic along with sessions that create a one-of-a-kind experiences that only Recreational Hypnosis can provide.  Our broadcast also includes guided imagery and some self-help sessions.

Now that we’ve found our place in the hypnosis community, DESCENT is focused on bringing the hypnosis experience to all who have interests and curiosities.  We provide information and links to explore the works of our many contributing artists and we’ve become a resource for all who want to explore what Recreational Hypnosis has to offer.  Our “For Beginners” Page has videos and links to free audio sessions that are just right for someone who’s starting out and looking for their first hypnotic experience.  Our “Links And Resources” Page is filled with loads of information to help you find that answers to your questions about hypnosis, including YouTube videos, blogs and Hypnotic Writings websites.  Most importantly, you’ll find links to the many great hypnosis community sites that we have.  Hypnosis is a special experience, but what makes it great are the amazing people who share the love of Recreational Hypnosis. Meeting and spending time with those might just be the best learning experience you’ll ever have.

I invite everyone who’s looking to experience a hypnotic trance, find the perfect video or blog, or just hear some of the great music, to visit and see what’s possible with hypnosis when all of these pieces come together as the DESCENT Hypnosis Radio Experience.

About Romeo
Romeo is the founder of Descent Hypnosis Radio, streaming live erotic hypnosis around the clock.

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