Femdom Hypnosis For Lovers

How to Hypnotize Her into Dominating you!

Hypnosis happens naturally and organically all around us every single day. You can get so immersed in a book that a touch on the shoulder would shock you back into reality. Of course, we all know about road hypnosis. It happens every day in those moments where we slip away without noticing and probably are not even aware that it has happened.

Traditional hypnosis works better when a subject truly wants the suggestions and experience he asking for. In the theory of all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, his wants are coming to fruition through suggestion because he trusts the skills of the hypnotist much more than his own.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to combine the two thoughts together and see if an unwilling or unknowing partner just might want to make your fantasies of Feminine control come true? I’ve been pouring over the submissions from my hypno-fetishist survey and one of the themes that is so prevalent is how badly a great deal of men wish they could share this desire with their female partner. I want all women to be empowered. There simply is not a better place to start than with a willing subject. I’ve come up with an experiment that you can try with an unknowing partner formulated to empower her, reveal your desires, respect mutual boundaries, and to open the door to any powerful fantasies bouncing around in her brain.

The Experiment:


Note: In the preparation phase, keep in mind the sort of language she uses and iscomfortable with.

1. Compile a list of true and honest statements about the things you like about your partner

examples: I love you, I love your body, You give great massages, I adore your dimples, etc.

2. Compile a list of statements to show your reverence for her and your submission as well. Make statements that present your submission as a gift rather than an expectation of kink. Mix it up with humor and seriousness. These statements should get the ole mouse running in the wheel and send her mind to other places and thoughts that might start to send ripples through the way she views you.

examples: I love when you say you’re cold and give me that look that lets me know you’d like me to kick on the heat, I love the way you wink at me for a job well done, I live for your approval, I would move the earth for you, etc.

3. Compile a little list of wishes and statements that reveals a bit more mentally about the kind of submissive man you are. You know her best! Keep in mind where her boundaries lie and respect them.

examples: I love making you happy, Sometimes I wish you’d let me bring you pleasure all day long, It’s sexy when you are a little bossy. Nothing brings me more pleasure than being on my knees for you, etc.

4. Put together a sentence or two that reveals an introduction to where your interests lie.

examples: I love sucking your toes and if you commanded it, I would fall to my knees to worship your feet at any moment, Sometimes when I lick your pussy I wish you’d hold my head down there a little longer, Your feminine energy is so beautiful that sometimes I long feel it myself, I’d even wear a pair of your panties to feel it inside me, I wish you’d call me a good boy after making you cum, etc.

Execution of the exercise:

1. Refine your 4 lists and practice your lines! This may sound contrived, but it is an important step if you don’t want to chicken out.

2. I can think of 2 examples of setting the scene. You could ask her sit naked with you with your legs wrapped around each other. You could lie naked in bed facing each other. You’ll have to determine for yourself what lies in her comfort zone. Ask her if she would indulge you and let you tell her everything that has been on your mind lately.

3. Choose the scene that works best for you. You should be face to face, even uncomfortably close. Let your bodies touch and feel the energy move back and forth between the two of you. Suppress the urge to make it feel sexual. It should feel intimate, for now anyway!

4. Look her directly in the eyes and begin telling her the contents of your lists in the order described above. Be sincere, be honest, and don’t let it get you down if there is a little laughter initially. Laughter is how some people cope in scenarios that are new to them. Before moving on to the next list, try to gauge her response just like a hypnotist would. Are her eyelids getting heavy? Has her breathing become even and steady? Are the lines in the face becoming smooth and relaxed? If you can answer yes to some of those questions, then move on to the next list. Make your statements without expectation. If you feel her pulling back, then let it go. If the resistance is strong, just pull her close and tell you you value her and let her know that you’d like to tell her these things when it feels right for her. It can be an overwhelming experience to have someone pour their heart out. You must respect her boundaries.

5. If you’ve made it this far, she is probably naturally hypnotized by now by the notions you’ve given her to ponder. It is time for her to hypnotize you. You have revealed yourself and should be very open to her suggestions now. Ask her“What are you thinking about right now?” We naturally mirror each other to create rapport and she should do this without effort.

6. This is the most important step! Let her speak. Don’t be upset if she does not tell you what you want to hear. This is an open line of communication and you should accept whatever she has to say just as she did for you. Whatever she says to you at this point is something she wants you to know. Absorb it and learn from it. Your willingness to please her will make you so open to her suggestions.

7. Ask her what you can do for her right now to make her pleased and let the games begin! Go wherever the flow is taking the two of you. If she just wants to lay with you and be together, accept and enjoy. If she wants to bend you over her knee, accept and enjoy.

Final Notes:

This is an exercise in communication while respecting boundaries. You may read through the list and think “yeah right, I’m so not doing that.” Do not think like a man with your approach. This is about opening her feminine power up and you must speak her language. If you follow the steps and know when to pull back if need be, the worst thing that will happen is you will have strengthened your communication skills and bonded with your partner on a new level.

Remove the “but” from your vocabulary…but she won’t like it, but she’ll laugh at me, etc. Consider this. If there was a million dollars behind a locked door, free for the taking to the person whose housekey fit the lock, would you try your key? If you are holding back your desire to serve the one you love, try your key!

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Tessa Fields has been creating Femdom Erotic Hypnosis since 2008 at Hypnotessa.com. She is a co-founder of EroticHypnotists.com and an administrator at Inraptured.net

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  1. This is so sweet! I hope some couples try this and write about their experiences here.

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